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Polly Alice

Sunday, September 14, 2014


I've written several poems about onions, the first one was published in my old high school literary magazine in 1995 to 96 even.  I've made art with onion peels.  I like onions.  Some day I hope to have the best onion poem ever written, though that honor surely goes to Pablo Neruda, so I will go for second best and may take a few decades of trial and error.


If you don't want to cry
while chopping onions
think sweet thoughts
stand on one foot
hold your chin high with pride
keep your mouth slightly open
squint one eye
purge bitterness from your heart
hold a piece of onion under your tongue
balance another on your head
while you hold your hands underwater
and hide the onion root in another
continent, so the evil gasses
which cause tears
may not get to you
and then and only then
you will not cry.

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