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Polly Alice

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Downward barking dog

The dog has pulled me face down
in the mud and grass. I'm okay,
and now he seems kind of sorry.
I want to tell him that just because
some man with white hair and a hat
beat him long ago, before he was rescued,
by the heartland hound people--that
Not All white haired men are bad,
and just because some boy on a bicycle threw
rocks at him once, not all people on bicycles
are bad. But somehow he is certain
everyone in a hat or with white hair
or with a bicycle must be his enemy.
I have no idea how to change his mind.
I mean whenever I see a reasonably middle
aged, middle sized man with medium colored
hair, I want to run him over, key his car,
let the air out of his tires.
But I don't do it. I just tell myself that
not all men are bad just because one was.
Not all people with a certain eye color are
bad just because two eyes once were.
Not all people with chins are bad, just
because someone with a serious chin
had a lot of cheek--
Not all people of a certain religion are bad
just because someone who claimed
to have one, didn't--
You see the pattern, and no matter
how many Venn diagrams I draw,
I will still be lying face down
in the mud with my dog,
barking at strangers
until we mend. The only problem,
dogs don't understand Venn diagrams
and I'm not so great at them

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