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Polly Alice

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Two Kinds of Blue

I've never been so shocked
her face in two kinds of blue
her eyes darkly set to mine--
Apparition, grandmother,
you know better than I
why I am two kinds of blue,
and your color proves
like some kind of Shiva
goddess who with one hand
palm down
and the other regenerates
palm up
that I am only a seed
a seed born in fire
who when the husk appears to die
when it's wrinkled skin hangs on
the shadowed shell tips
back to the earth
slips and falls
then the secret germ
bursts forth!
How can it be?
How can it be
on the inside
roots down deep
until you don't remember
what it looked like before,
roots down deep
until you can only see
blossoms for miles
stalk to the sky?
Then blue will be memory
fire will meet fire
and then, grandmother
we'll see a face
of a different color.
Then, grandmother
we two, yes
we too
will smile.

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