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Polly Alice

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Buying Wine

Okay, so you need red wine
to cook purple cabbage. Red wine
plus red onions plus red cabbage
sautéed in butter, yes butter--
Yum, better than candy, it warms
up your cold winter heart from blue
 to red with it's purple splendor.
So you go to the store to buy
the wine and then you have
to decide which one. You think,
"It's a special occasion, so
let's buy a special wine.
Something magnificent,
something red, something
from a good year, a year when
something good happened.
So you don't even
try to for last year's wine,
and the year before that
wasn't that great either.
What about 2011
or 2010? No, no, and no.
And that's the oldest
wine they have at the
tiny grocery store
that offers cupcakes
and succulents at the
front entrance and frigid
flowers dyed blue and orange.
As though flowers didn't
already come in orange
naturally out of the earth
that way. And so then you
realize that even without
going back to a good year
you are out a huge chunk
of change. How much would
it cost to go back to a good
year?And so you buy the wine
anyway, the manger wondering
aloud why you bought the
"pricey" stuff, and you

saying it's for friends.
"You must like them a lot,"
he says. "I do." you say,
and you mean it.

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