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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Psalm 23 or The Lord is my Mommy

Okay, so not many people know about shepherds anymore. But most people still know about mommies.  I think the 23d psalm works just as well as if the metaphor was God as our Mommy.  I mean the guy who wrote the 23d Psalm probably had a great mom because he did turn out so well enough to write most of the Psalms. I think maybe He would have thought it a little sissy to write a psalm this way, so he chose the more manly metaphor of shepherd.  His is a great poem, and I salute the writer with this other version I write just for myself. Even if only mothers get this one, maybe it will make you chuckle.

The Lord is my Mommy
I never have a need
before she tucks me in
or passes me my sippy--
My binky is never lost
because she finds it.
She always prepares
a big plate for me
she never lets the wolf
knock at the door. She just
stamps her foot and tells
him to go away. She makes
something out of nothing.
He looks in the window,
but he can't get in. That makes
 me laugh. My Mommy,
she makes everything sweet.
I have a feast, my bottle
is never empty there is always
milk and when it overflows
she helps me wipe it off the
floor. Her hand and voice
are my guide to
keep me from falling
to teach me to walk.
Surely, goodness
and sweetness
will follow me all the days
of my life both now and forever
and blankies without end.

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