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Polly Alice

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Published today

I have a poem published today. I'm so excited...

Here is the link to my newly published poem at Bethlehem Writers Roundtable May/ June issue. "When We had Little" is one of the poems I wrote in 2010 here on my first year of my poem-a-day blog. The idea for a daily blog was inspired by the film Julie & Julia. The poem was inspired by those post college years (or decades) when I learned how to cook from my favorite cookbook, "Extending the Table" by those lovely folks at MCC who know how to travel with purpose, and how to bring those great tastes home. 

I will post here below an excerpt of the revised and now published poem made even better by news today that another poem I sent was accepted by another publication. 

"This work was originally published in the Bethlehem Writers Roundtable, the magazine of the Bethlehem Writers Group, LLC."

sustenance from nothing
blossoms to bread
with only a bowl
I can accomplish anything.

Click here to read the whole poem.

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