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Polly Alice

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Donne Ring

Dear John,
Maybe you don't know this but
people call you one of the world's
greatest poets. You could make
fountains sparkle and rings speak.
You could write the songs of
angles, catch stars, explain death.
You lived hundreds of years ago
when everyone died of cholera
and consumption. Now we've
cured all that-- along with our
power over words. You'd be
surprised how few we use now,
like Oak trees before a frost
are the leaves of our words.
With more days to speak within,
we have less to say. I have a glass
that will show me any picture in the
world, nay the Heavens too--
any place I want, more clear
than any crystal,  it will show me
any word I desire in any language.
I find still there are times
I do not have the word I'm
looking for. For example
the word you use for
a broken promise?
No matter how many words
I eat, nor how much metal
I fling into St. George's
Channel, I will still
look for the right one.
If I traveled back
in time to visit you at your
writing desk, I'd probably find
not even a dictionary. I'm sure
if you needed a word,
you might have to take
a stroll and pluck it
from the street where it rolled
among the refuse caught
in the loose shoe of an old mule.
There you might scrape it out,
melt it down in a fire,
and pluck from it a meaning
only a Smithy could find.
For in the white hot
heart of a word, there
you saw the reason
to carry on. That is
the word I'll inscribe
on my new heart.

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