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Polly Alice

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

'Set a Course'

I know it's a bad night when Star Trek is on.
I like the sound of the doors opening
and closing. The swish of effortlessness
I like the hum of the engines
and the bubbling sound of pretend computers
computing the impossible trajectories
of plausible adventures.
I even like the sound of red alert--
it reminds me of my heart beat, like
my body is a ship, on a mission.
Sometimes it's on red alert,
sometimes yellow.
It journeys on a set course to
somewhere particular, everything
in place, everything as it should be.
Not one person missing. I like that
about Star Trek. And so I save it
for the nights the children are gone.
Nights where people are missing
and the hum of the refrigerator
sounds like a dial tone ringing
busy. Nights when I need to
be reminded that there
is a vector and with the
right equation, and a punch
to the upper cut, there will
always be a tomorrow. With
the right mix of passion
and logic-- surely,
we can
take this bucket of bolts
out for one more spin.

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