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Polly Alice

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Dragons 2002

Last week I read a picture book to my little one about a dragon who wants to make friends. Afterwards we couldn't help rewriting a sequel about what we would do if we actually had a dragon. Dragons are something I didn't know I loved until my best friend from college came to visit and challenged me to an all night debate on whether dragons exist. Since then I've started a whole fantasy series of novels about dragons and what they mean and what they are. Something so deep of course, I've only begun to scratch the surface and -- only completed half of the first novel. Regardless, I secretly type out conversations with dragons in my novel folder and have spent the five years or so since then researching dragons (only a few more years to go).

Here is an old snippet I found from 2002 in my poetry journal during my "feminist" period that proves I loved dragons before I even knew it...

Sometimes even the clouds look like dragons 
which smoke filled nostrils and wispy tails
and even the stars frown
at what I say against God & Man

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