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Polly Alice

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Love, Morning Glory

Last week I entered some poems about motherhood in answer to a call for poems. I edited my rhyming poem about Morning Glories into something I think is stronger, doesn't rhyme, and fits better with my new mode as a single mother. In writing this poem I dug into the famed Greek myth of a certain flower and found it belonged to the daffodil family. I also discovered the following flower was also called a paperwhite. Funny as I had been wanting to use the image "white as paper." This happens a lot in poetry. Turns out the poem is already half written and you just research to give yourself permission to go ahead and write. Here's how one of them turned out. 

Dear Narcissus,

You think because
I’m transparent--
because I let the light
through in verity,
that I’m not important.

You guess from the tight
twirl of my skirt.
the curl in my tendrils,
that I’m fragile
can’t take the heat.

You’ve missed me from
the very beginning. You
prefer your own reflection,
Paperwhite. You doze

through my gray dawn—
while I drink the musky sun
shower in the dew.
With violet eyes,
I bloom to
kiss each jaded wing.

My strength, my maze
of vines. My love,
my packets of
dark pearls-- like firecrackers,
ready to let go.

Try to erase me,
a hundred more bloom.
You can’t banish me
or cut me down--
can’t wash me away
or burn me out.

For just
the least touch
my seeds give way--
All that I am
inscribed in each heart.

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