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Polly Alice

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Puss 'N Boots

So this letter is just to say that 
you think you've lost everything
but you haven't.
Here I am
just look at me. 
I'm the girl you've overlooked
from the start.
So what if you don't
have a great education, I never
went to school.
So you don't have any assets, 
or a farthing to your name.
I'm not allowed to own anything. 
So your rat of a brother kicked
you out of your Dad's old place.
So you've got
only the shirt on your back.
You haven't had breakfast.
Look down. I'm skin and
bones. I never get fed.
I'm barefoot. Now.
Look --
at your boots. Yes, 
boots. And boots make 
the man. Are you a man
or aren't you? You can go
anywhere, do anything,
talk to anyone. If I were
a man I'd have this all
fixed in a jiffy. I'd have
a new job, a new name,
and a wardrobe to match.
I'd have people offering

Give me your boots. That's
right. Give me your boots
and I'll fix everything.
Just make me a promise.

Don't forget who 
saved your skin.

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