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Polly Alice

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Who taught us to write poetry?

Fourteen years old
I wrote poetry
on notebook paper
with a blue bic pen

scribbled lines
about onions
or tears,
falling leaves
in autumn
the pain that is
high school.

Who taught me
to write poetry?
To join the poetry
club and judge
entries to the
literary magazine?

Who taught me to
read poetry?
I'd already memorized
the road less traveled
before they taught it
in school.

This old thing?
my only response.

Who taught
me Robert Frost?

Did they sing
it to us in the Nursery?
Who taught me
to write poetry?

Was it my grandmother's
voice craggy and
moist-- speaking those
words kittens 
then mittens.

How long did
I consider the problem
of an egg being
put together again by
horses and men?

the rolling fear
of a potato bug?

the cry of the
Blue Jay and
the curious

the miracle of
a lima bean
in a paper cup
sprouting great
green leaves?

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