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Polly Alice

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Sweetness 2016

It's Easter again
and I fill eggs
with cotton candy-
flavored candy corn.

Life is like that. You
expect something airy
that melts in your mouth
something astounding
enough for a circus
conductor to annouce
and all you get is
hard pellets-from a day
you'd rather forget.

This morning I made
myself an Easter basket.
Why not?
It has raw vegan cookies
and two cadburry eggs
plus a little bunny that's
pretty well a granny
at eight years.

Today we will hear
songs in Swahili at the
Methodist Church
at UMKC. Granmda Twinkie
will sing an anthem in
her red choir robe and
probably tear up uder
that rose window glory.

The cousins are coming
because my kids and theirs
both have Easter
at their moms this year.

Life is like that. Divided.
Full of sorrow, and then
suddenly the good days
are like a winning lottery
ticket and you wonder
if everyone hears the
fight song sound-track
for every small

I guess Jesus did too.
Received hardness where he
expected love as light as air.
Received sorrow and divorce
where he expected family.

I imagine his best day
had a victory soundtrack so
that he would remember
who he was fighting for.
 I expect he smiled --when
he broke death open like a
cadbury egg.

Now we can all choose

I know I am.

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