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Polly Alice

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Snow, Blast you! Neige, Je vous déteste!

Here is a poem I forgot to write this winter, just left it in my mind. Played with making up a form which is something I like to do. I write the first stanza and then make up rules so that each stanza follows or breaks the rules in the first one. Oh and I've written this one in English and French. Nothing like working on your poem in another language to find out what words you use way to often. "Until" is really one of my most favorite words.  I need some alternatives. :)

Blast you!
You and your
feathers of frost
Your strangling
hands around the
neck of the creek
until his teeth chatter

You sloth!
You and your
creeping crawl
Your precious
pinkie finger holds
back the clock
until she's slower

What's that--
small tracks...
of tiny sparrows
and here a
how precious

You Dear!
You and yours
laid bare. Your
crisp wafers
reveal the path
of birds until
they fly

Neige, Je vous déteste!

Je vous déteste!
--et vos plumes de gel
Vos mains étranglantes
autour du cou
du ruisseau jusqu'a
ses dents claquaient
avec froid

Vous paresse!
--votre rampant
votre doigt de petit
précieux  retient l'horloge
jusqu'a ce qu'elle soit
plus lente

Ce qui est cela--
des empreintes mingnon
de moineaux petites
et ici...
un lapin.
comment précieux.

Vous Cher!
Vous et les votres
mis nu-- vos hosties
craquantes reverent
le chemin d'oiseaux
jusqu'a ce qu'ils

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