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Polly Alice

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Poetry & Flowers Can't Talk

The other week right at the end of March, before National Poetry Month I got to talk about poetry with artists and poets at the Midtown Arts Collective with discussion lead by my new favorite art historian, Olli Pamplin. And with some new influx of spoken word poetry into my life, I'm beginning to feel art is something more than things we see or hear, or create.  Art is a message we send to ourselves.  It's what heals us and others by it's allowance to be.
Another week we talked about the role of the artist.  What is the role of someone who creates things? We are having spoken word artists come to the gallery. What is art but something that speaks to us. With musical artists, spoken word artists, visual artists-- I see art everywhere. I'm getting some new ideas about how to round out and truly create my collection of poems to something worth reading through.  I think one of the things that has been blocking me is the need to be truly original while knowing that is impossible. Turning around from a whole other perspective: I need to just share what my heart loves the best wether it's original or not. I think in the long run, people will be able to connect more easily. Aren't we often drawn to the same things, the same stories and metaphors? I guess we will see. But I do know that spending time with other artists is truly the fix for most of the things that an artist needs to keep going.

What if the flowers could talk?
Flowers Can't talk!
What if the flowers could talk?
Flowers Can't talk
What if
they could?
what would they say
--they are in love
with who?
the sun of course
but why?
don't know but they
are often round like the sun
with rays like petals
you mean petals like rays
that's what I said
Anyway what if
flowers could talk?
what would they say
green things
What does that even mean?
I don't know but your
being pretty mean.
But what if flowers could talk?
Quit asking me
I'm just a rock.

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