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Polly Alice

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Cadbury Crimes

It's 1 am and I steal up to the kitchen.
Above the ceramic fowl
lies the candy bowl
with treats from Easter.
A Cadbury egg tastes
almost as sweet in July.
What is the filling
supposed to be?
And what do they
expect us to do with
little chickie shaped erasers?

I've heard people say that
hate is learned, that
children are born innocent
as pink wicker baskets,
I've heard them say it's
easy to be kind.

But what about the
apple that bore
seeds into every stomach
since the beginning
of time? If babies
are born to love, then
what need we for grace?
What good forgiveness?
What need to erase?

I've heard people say that
hate is learned, Chicken or the egg?
My kids hate Cadbury
Eggs. I never taught
them that. Just
born that way, I guess.

Getting rid of hate
is like picking egg
shells out of quiche.
You never know where
you will find a bit
that sets your teeth on

Only one way I know
to pick hate out of
every heart. Takes
a surgen
who can put us back
together again,
after we fall
and lay broken in

Takes someone who can
sew, blind,
from the inside.

Takes someone
who knows how
we are made and
who knows what
came first. The chicken
or the egg.

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